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Un temps avant le temps…


Anacrouse is a communication agency with integrated expertise in media and in marketing. A “Tree of skills” has been elaborated. The tree is rooted in the basics of a full marketing mix, focused on human beings and around their media behaviors.


Our incentives/motivations* :


  • To develop some business intelligence by leading constant monitoring of the market trends and by following on a daily basis the activities (market analysis, competitive benchmark both quantitative and qualitative, media strategies, exposure to digital campaigns and to social media…).
  • To analyze the behavioral trends and the patterns of media consumption; from which key strategic lessons can be learned and can then be applied immediately.
  • To include the various media innovations as well as the influential levers as a vector to alter the perception of individuals, as a vector to support changes.
  • To set up global media strategies that are anchored on our culture: reaching the set objectives, achieving a better return on investment and above all obtaining results.
  • Thus, Anacrouse has grown a unique concept by gathering a whole lot of communication solutions that are complementary in the thought process, in the advice- and media-buying, such as creative support, production, post-production, social media, Real Time Bidding, and other secondary crafts. These solutions are placed at the centre of our media analysis. This illustrates our “tree of skills” in some way…
Our skill



Street marketing & OP spé

  • Media Training
  • Creative Approach
  • Production/Video Content
  • Media Buying
  • Mediaconsulting, Media-planning
  • Target audit
  • Market Research
  • Quanti/Quali